Rémy Jacquin

Linux System Engineer

Rémy Jacquin

Linux System Engineer

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Hi, I'm Rémy Jacquin !

Linux System Engineer

Currently in second year of Engineering curriculum, I’m a motivated and curious student. Sensitive to respect for private life, I’m constantly looking for self-hosted solutions for services I use. This enables me to acquire additional skills in the domain of systems management.

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Work Experience


Networks and Systems Administrator - Septembre 2016 - Février 2017


Networks and Systems Administrator - Février 2016 - Mai 2016

This internship was very enriching in the systems and networks management fields. During this placement, I was in charge of the support level 1 & 2.
This support mission was only common theme, Abomicro entrust to me several other missions.
My most important mission was to reinstall the Abomicro's production infrastructure. From hypervisor setup and clustering to disks bay management.
I also fix a long time issue of Abomicro: I developed a software to have a easy management method for authorized SSH keys on servers managed by Abomicro.
Finally, to meet the needs of customers, I setup some software as a service (SaaS) so that the client do not need to manage his software hosting.


Telecom technician - Mai 2015 - Juillet 2015

This internship was my first experience in telecom installation and management, an unknown domain for me before this internship. I had various missions :
  • Telecom infrastructures installation and maintenance
  • Company's dedicated server management and fixing company constraint
  • Setting up boxes supervision system managed by company using OVH API


Web developer - Août 2014 - Novembre 2014

Realisation of mass sending messages web application using Envoyersmspro.com. It can handle users list and messages status.
Realisation of web video platform using DmCloud.com
Realisation of many static and dynamic websites for agency's clients.


System manager and developer - Novembre 2011 - Novembre 2015

For four years, I took care of a game server (Minecraft). Since its launch, I handle the server setup and its website to maximize the server up-time and players statisfaction.


IT Engineer

Exia.Cesi (3 years) - Graduation on July 2018

Specialized in networks and systems management.

Analyst programer

Exia.Cesi (2 years) - Graduation on July 2015

Scientist Baccalauréat

Lycée l'Oiselet (3 years) - Graduation on July 2013



  • 90%
    Linux 90%
  • 75%
    Windows 75%
  • 70%
    Scripting 70%
  • 65%
    Virtualization 65%
  • 60%
    Telephony 60%


  • 90%
    Routing 90%
  • 70%
    Cisco IOS 70%
  • 80%
    Firewall 80%
  • 85%
    VPN 85%


  • Toeic 850
    English Toeic 850
  • 75%
    Project Management 75%
  • 70%
    Development 70%



Since I'm 14 years old, I practice Archery. This sport has important required skill such as tenacity and patience. These skills help me in a profesional environment in order to complete entrusted missions to me.


Climbing is, as well, a sport that require perseverence but it also requires a good stress and fears management. It allows me to have lucid reactions in crisis situations


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